Friday, 15 April 2011

Prayer for Positivity

Lord Jesus,
   you told your friends
   not to worry about the future.
You showed them
   how to have the attitude of simple trust
   that young children have,
   so that they could place themselves
   into the caring hands of your Father.
And so I ask for the power of your Spirit
   that I may remain positive
   throughout all that is ordinary in my daily life.
I know that your touch
   can change people and situations,
   and so I ask you
   to join me in offering to our Father
   not only the good things of this day
   but also the suffering and sacrifices
   that I want to offer cheerfully and lovingly,
   and in a quiet and hidden way.
And so may any difficulties
   and frustration and pain of this day
   be transformed in your presence
   for the benefit of other people.

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